The BMW ActiveHybride 7


The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is a combination from intelligent innovative technologies. Its energy management has the optimum operating strategy for all on-board computer systems and every driving situation.

The Route-ahead assistant coordinates the lithium-ion battery, the combustion engine and the electric motor.  For this it makes an analyses of the route profile that is in the standard feature Navigation system Professional much earlier. On inclined surfaces this enables all the energy to be directed from the high performance battery. During hill climbing the energy is recovered and stored in the high-performance battery.

Systematically the energy is being stored to permit the maximum amount of purely electric and emission-free driving in the town also named “Home Zone”. On motor ways ECO PRO Mode exploits inclined surfaces so that the car can move by its own kinetic energy. When the accelerator is left, the engine is switched off so no fuel consumption happens.


ECO PRO Mode has been introduced in the most new hybrids created by the BMW company. And it is known that this Mode reduce consumption by up to 20  percent.

Driving Experience Control lets the driver to activate the ECO PRO Mode. The electric driving can be enjoyed by only pressing a button.

This mode increases the efficiency of the hybrid system, because it controls the time and the place where the electric mode is turned on so it can maximize the electric propulsion in time.

Accelerator and transmission parameters and the heating/air-conditioning strategy are adapted to optimize fuel consumption. The Bonus range delivers information on how many additional kilometers have come through the efficiency-optimized driving in the ECO PRO Mode.

2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 701-bmw-7series-hybrid-live-620op

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