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BMW i8. Fight over the impossible.



The fight over the impossible started with the idea, now it is the result.
The car presented here was considered impossible, fantastic, crazy idea, a black page that became black from sketch.
BMW showed that there is NO impossible. BMW i8. Born electric.

BMW X5. eDrive


BMW X5. Pure driving eDrive.

Some points about BMW X5:

  • Dynamic efficiency.

The amazing BMW Concept X5 is the first BMW Sports Activity Vehicle that combines the intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive with an innovative plug-in hybrid system. The characteristic driving features of an SAV can be achieved in an exceptionally efficient manner due to this concept. Impressive driving dynamics can be guaranteed by the powerful petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology.

  • BMW TwinPower turbo four-cylinder.

The BMW X5 are designed with a view towards the power of development through fast responsiveness due to turbo charging and direct injection as well as towards reduced consumtion. The 2.0-litre power plants with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology are the strongest representatives in the latest generation of 4-cylinder petrol engines.


  • Pure electric driving at the touch of a button.

The 70kW/95hp electric motor supports the petrol engine during overtaking maneuvers and enables the purely electric driving experience. It receives its energy from a high-voltage battery, the change to the MAX eDrive mode is to simply press a button.

  • BMW eDrive

The performance achieved by the BMW in combining all the drive concepts that permit locally emission-free driving allows BMW to rely on its own developments for electric motor, high-voltage batteries and power electronics. This ensures that the components are exactly tuned to the vehicles in order to optimize performance and efficiency as well as safety and service life.

BMW X5 eDrive Concept 2

  • Energy Management.

The interaction between the electric motor and the combustion engine are optimized by using navigation data inn specific driving situations. This function calculates anticipatory, propulsion for the route and implements it efficiently. So the fuel consumption can be reduced and the electric energy to be applied. At the same time 10 percent of energy is saved.

  • The Wallbox.

The Wallbox is a home charging station for the owners of BMW I, it is capable to capable to charge the vehicle faster than it is done using a standard cable. The installation will be placed in a good and comfortable place by a BMW i Partner. It will be delivered and installed via BMW I Wallbox Installation service.



ActiveHybrid 5.


The world of motoring has expanded and enriched due to the new ActiveHybrid 5 from BMW. The spirit of good environmental citizenship and the possibility to be fast created the hybrid that allows speed with almost zero emissions. This amazing new brother from the 5-series family doesn’t even give a hint that it is a combination that works on gasoline-electric powertrain, and also is a stylish and comfortable vehicle for its owners.

The ActiveHybrid 5 represents the most sophisticated performance hybrid yet, a mix of art and class.

The Active 5 is based 3.0-liter aluminum inline-six—DOHC, direct injection, twin-scroll turbo, intercooled, Double VANOS variable valve timing, 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. It is arguably the sweetest six in all of internal combustion Dom—smooth, potent, and willing, sweeter still allied with BMW’s eight-speed automatic, the only Active 5 transmission.


As in many other hybrids, the IC engine is augmented by an electric motor, this one rated for 54 hp and 155 lb-ft. When the driver demands everything the system has to give—335 hp—the motor adds its punch to the IC output, and the 5’s speedo needle rotates clockwise with gratifying haste.

Like other 5-series Bimmers, the ActiveHybrid 5 is balanced and fairly responsive. With its performance is hard to imagine anyone dissatisfied with this vehicle. The hybrid system adds about 300 pounds to the car’s curb weight compared with a standard 535i, so we expect that the more powerful hybrid will lag behind that car slightly in the trip to 60 mph. Figure about 5.7 seconds versus the automatic 535i’s 5.4.


The transparency of the system is remarkable. The engine is soundless and when the driver takes his foot off the brake, the car will creep forward on the electric power until it is directed to pick up the pace. The coasting function comes into play at speeds up to 100 mph on back roads and expressways. The dashboard provides instant info on what the system is doing.The only dynamic criticism someone might make is that throttle response is a little soft in eco pro mode, but anyone making that complaint probably doesn’t want a hybrid anyway.



BMW ActiveHybrid 5

So the next article on our site will be about BMW ActiveHybrid 5, this video shows the power and how does this vehicle work. I will be glad to share with you an amount of information about this amazing car. I am still waiting for your comments below. And I want to thank all those people that visit our page to read about future of the humanity and the future of cars.

10 interesting facts about Hybrid cars:



1. No more fuel loss

Hybrids have the ability to switch between power sources and this way it is saving fuel. Research suggests that the fuel costs can go down by nearly 35 percent.

2. You want a new car, but you sold your old one with a low price? Hybrid cars, no more fast decreasing of price.

The hybrid cars are made for a longer period of time, they have longer warranties and cost very low on maintenance, these cars have a high, growing resale market. Their durability lets their prices to low very slowly. This gives the opportunity for the one who owns the car to sell it for a good price and replace it with a new one.

3. No more wear out parts of car in a year.

The sophisticated hybrid cars are equipped with extremely durable parts, thus less replacement and no lower maintenance. Reports reveal that braking is one of the causes of wearing out of parts. In the hybrid cars the mechanism is carefully designed to reduce the wear out

4. Longer warranty period

While the traditional gasoline cars come with a custom 100,000 miles or 3 years whichever is earlier, Hybrid car manufacturers have trusted in these new breed of machines by providing a 5 year warranty to the customers.

5. Less emission, eco-friendly.

The emissions of the car are reduced due to the proper distributed usage of the electric motor and the internal combustion engine. The electric motors have almost zero emissions. No more big quantities of CO2 are released into the air.

6. Lifetime warranties for vital parts of the car

The parts of the car that seem important come with a lifetime warranty from the spare part manufacturers. This gives you an insurance that your car will not burn down.

7. Quieter engine, pleasure for the owner.

Who doesn’t hate the engine noise? The electric motors reduce the noise produced by the engine. Reduced engine noise contributes to curb noise pollution and also enhances the driving pleasure of the owner.

8. Recyclable batteries.

The nickel metal hydride batteries are used to drive the electric motors. These batteries can be recycled completely.


9. Two power sources, less breakdowns.

Hybrid cars are powered by two distinct power sources. If a breakdown happens due to either a power source technical failure or empty fuel, the other power source can effectively drive the car. So, hybrids are more comfortable and trustworthy than other cars.

10. No need to be charged, they are not electric cars.

Hybrid cars are not the same as electric vehicles and do not need to be charged. Many individuals believe the battery in a hybrid vehicle requires overnight charging before operating the car. Others believe that the daily driving mileage is limited before the battery will run down. Hybrid cars have a feature that allows them to re-charge their battery while in operational mode replacing the energy that has been used. Hybrid cars do require gasoline, though their gas mileage is much more efficient than a conventional vehicle.


BMW ActiveHybrid 3


The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 works due to the perfect union between the electric motor and combustion engine, supported by a lithium-ion high-performance battery and coordinated by an intelligent hybrid system. The result of this creation is maximum efficiency and maximum dynamics.

It has not only reduced fuel consumption figures in the two-digit percentage range, the new BMW ActiveHybrid 3 impresses with a unique BMW TwinPower Turbo combination of straight 6-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor.


Whenever it makes sense to work on energy terms, driving becomes purely electrical and hence locally emission-free. The lithium-ion high-performance battery gathers the energy from the power obtained from energy recovery is stored. This energy is used only when it is really needed.

The 225 kW (306 hp) BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine and the electric motor with up to 40 kW (54 hp) produce a maximum output for the system of 250 kW (340 hp) and accelerate the vehicle from 0-100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. This very high output potential is in complete oppose to the extremely low fuel consumption values: the average figure in the EU test cycle is 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers, while CO2 emissions are 139 grams/kilometer*. This means the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 fulfills the emission norm EU6 as standard.

The lithium-ion high-performance battery is characterized by its long life expectancy and is accompanied by a special certificate which offers coverage for the first 100,000 km or maximum five years, whichever comes first.

* Values determined on the basis of the ECE test cycle.



The new BMW i8. Born electric.


The life nowadays is motion. And motion means progress. BMW I is a far-reaching and ground-breaking concept for ecological mobility, it combines visionary electric vehicles and network services, comfort and sustainability, BMW I proves that premium can be comfortable and easy taking care of. BMW i8 is the shape of the future that can be seen today. BMW i8 is a thoroughbred sport car that gives a new, outstanding experience of driving. The BMW Efficient Dynamics technology offers a fuel economy that can compete with that of a small car. It also has a lightweight construction.

1 i8

Creativity that precedes that car conceived the lightweight construction of the new BMW i8 from the beginning to meet the demands of a hybrid sport car. The LifeDrive architecture consists of 2 parts, each tailored to fit their requirements. The aluminum body or Drive module contains the lithium-ion high-voltage battery the other drivetrain composes the front and the rear. In between is the Life module, the passenger cell. This is built of high-strength carbon(CFRP), an ideal material, extremely stable, with ultra-light degree of flexibility and weight that allows a large design freedom. An electric motor, a lithium-ion high-voltage battery and an advanced energy management system make up the innovative BMW eDrive technology package.

2 i8

BMW i8 accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 4.4 seconds, together with the newly developed 1.5 liter, three-cylinder petrol engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and 170kW (231hp) at the rear axle.

The new BMW i3 is ideally balanced, with the axle load split 50:50 front to rear. The true power of the BMW i3 can be discovered outside town, with four-wheel drive propelling fast to 200km/h. It switches to all electric drive only with a touch of the finger for a top speed of 120 km/h silently and with zero emissions.

A sport car craves for aerodynamics, so here it is. The graceful lines and flat silhouette of the new BMW i8 and everything about this car is designed for aerodynamic perfection paired with the highest aesthetic standards. Be a witness of the kidney grille, which allows as much air as required inside, or the hand-free ”scissor” doors.

3 i8

I think everyone that will see the expressive LED headlights with extended features will love them, as they will when they see the sustainable, amazing BMW i3

This technology has been developed by BMW to give a particularly bright, white light and increased range for remarkably effective road illumination. At the same time, however, it consumes only a fraction of the energy used by conventional headlights.

4 i8


Some interesting facts about BMW i series, only on weekends


The BMW i is a sub-brand of BMW founded in 2011, which designs and manufacture plug-in electric vehicles. The two initial vehicles are i3 all-electric car and i8 plug-in hybrid. The both concepts of the cars were shown at 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The series production of the BMW i3 destined for retail customers began in September 2013, the launch in the European market took place in November 2013.

The first BMW i store was opened in June 2012 at BMW’s London Park Lane showroom. Then was presented the updated version of BMW i3 and unveiled its i Pedelec electric bicycle concept. On November 15, 2013, retail deliveries for the i3 began with a special ceremony in Munich.

BMW i3 and its building concept

The BMW i3 is BMW’s first zero emissions mass-produced vehicle; it features carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. It gets power from an electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. BMW i3 was built for everyday use with an electric range of 130 to 160 km.

BMW invested US$ 100 million to build a plant in Moses Lake ,Washington, this becoming by next year “the largest carbon-fiber plant on Earth”. This plant is located on the territory that has access to great hydroelectric power.


BMW i8 a plug in hybrid

The BMW i8 plug-in hybrid is the product of the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and has an all-electric range of 35 kilometers (22 mi). Production of both plug-in electric cars is scheduled to start in Leipzig in 2013.

The production version of the i8 was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.BMW plans to sell the i8 in about 50 countries, with the U.S. expected to be the largest sales market. In Europe, the UK, Germany and France are expected to be the top markets. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the U.S. in the second quarter of 2014.



Both the i3 and i8 will benefit from BMW’s Life-Drive platform which makes use of light-weight materials. Both cars will come with an aluminum chassis, and in the case of the i8, the windshield, top, doors and fenders are made from polycarbonate glass, with the body having a drag coefficient of 0.26.



The design of the new BMW i3


So today we are speaking of the innovative design of BMW i3. Its sustainable design makes it a perfect urban vehicle. Driven by pure electric power and customized for the sustainable requirements it embodies an intelligent and ecologic form of travelling in the urban environment. The car is a harmonious concept where every piece of it has been optimized for its own, strait purpose. It has a dynamic exterior and a clean interior space.

The concept of the design

Born from the desire to have a new, ecologic, sustainable, clean, homogenous and dynamic car, was created the inspiring, future-orientated BMW i3. BMW i3 has its own identity, with smooth surfaces and precise edges, it is appeared to be a masterpiece created to fit in the environment and to make happy its lucky owners. The new premium mobility leads the car companies to the future design and concept of the upcoming vehicles. Every detail is functional and easy to use, making the perfect combination.


Speaking of exterior design we got a compact but a very nimble vehicle. Viewed from the side, the doors and the windows design create a dynamic form. The smooth silhouette gives an impression of the large space located in the passenger compartment. The short overhangs in the front of the vehicle and rear make the parking of the wonderful car easier in the small spaces. The wheels of 19 inches reduce the rolling resistance. The light visual appearance of the car is obtained by the so-called “black belt” that runs from the food of the car to the rear.

roof bmw i3


The art hidden in the interior design

The generous sense of space given by the creators of the car is hardly hidden. The interior of the car is created from renewable materials like eucalyptus wood. The unique design of the seats includes leather and wool. The leather used is tanned using natural agents like olive oil. The leather is obtained from the cattle of southern Germany. Its own color is maintained using o sophisticated treatment of natural substances.

Another choice of the innovative material is the wool used in seat upholstery. It maintains a good temperature between the body and the seat surface. It heats to the highest temperature and then warms in order to save the energy.

Only 25 percent of plastic is used in the BMW i3, the rest of the car materials are renewable and ecologic clean, maintained in a good form also with the help of nature products.


The atelier interior

The entry-level design- the Atelier interior will catch the owners’ attention by its high-quality materials and attractive contrasts. The I Blue at the base of the seats and in the seams gives the fresh and airy feeling. The matt accents and the black leather covering the wheel with a blue ring give the best opportunity to finish the design of the Atelier interior.


The loft interior

The elegant and balanced style is characteristic to the Loft interior. Its sits are made of leather and climate-regulating materials. A light, warm and very comfortable grey named Carum Grey is the dominant color of the compartment. The light color supports the modern look and makes the atmosphere calm inside the car. The embossing of the seats is a refined touch including the thoughtful placing of the BMW i3 blue accents on the seats. The light-colored floor establishes the visual link between the areas where the passenger and the driver are located, and also ensures a spacious feeling.


The suite interior

The Suite interior is focused on the quality of leather. The control panel and the seats are covered by natural tanned leather. The material used creates a non-slip feeling and appearance. In addition the seams show the hand-crafted character of the surfaces. The exclusive brown color with a warm character is named Dalbergia Brown. The large decorative surface is made of black-limped eucalyptus wood.


The lodge interior

The Lodge interior combines the natural aesthetics with progressive ones. It also embodies the Next Premium concept from BMW i in its purest form. The Casia leather color, establishes a warm atmosphere, while Carum Grey makes the feeling of brightness in the interior. The instrument panel is covered with leather and it is combined with climate-active wool cloth and natural leather on the seats and headrests. An exclusive detail is also the curved wooden surface in the instrument panel.