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BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition.


The BMW i8 is taking over the world of automobiles.It impresses with its style, efficiency, performance. Soon will appear the new,exclusive BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition.The BMW Group assures a unique treatment inside and out for the vehicle that will appear on the auction at the Gooding & Company held on the Pebble Beach on the August 16th

Inside BMW i8 will be treated with Dalbergia Brown leather, while exterior color will be  Individual Frozen Grey Metallic. New features for BMW i8 are appearing in USA: The first BMW Charging Station, professional edition; the first BMW i8 Display key and the first laser headlights. The car’s special edition will be cemented by a “Concours d’Elegance Edition” laser etching in the cabin.

The life stream of the auction will be at the official Gooding & Company site, it will take place in the Monterey Peninsula during this year’s Car Week.


The design philosophy of BMW i8 and LED lights


The Design Philosophy

The BMW i8’s design philosophy has on the basis the idea of creating a connection between ground-breaking sustainability and premium character.  To approach the ground BMW Group has created the so-called black belt, a design element that runs from the front, over the roof, to the rear in all BMW i models by now. Also typical of BMW i are the dynamic stream-flow design, the Air Curtains and striking details such as the LED Daytime Running Light in a distinctive U-shape and the LED rear lights. The interior keeps the approach to the sustainability by having the lightweight materials in use. BMW i has kept using only sustainable materials wherever it was possible.




LED light design with laser light

The exceptional LED lights used in the BMW i8 fit extremely good with the concept of the car. In this sport vehicle all the lightning elements are completely LED.  The front light has a U-shaped frame. Daytime Running Lights and a built-in indicator are included in the frame.Another frame is added as a design concept and it has laser light technology used. The range of the high beam and the illumination have considerably increased dye to the laser technology. The lighting unit also have an innovative technology, it is a passively lit blue band signals.The side cover of the headlight is not dark but has a brilliant metallic finish.

led-lights-02 led-lights-03

BMW i8 360° electric


So today I have watched an amazing video not only about BMW i8, but also about the life it can offer to the one who owns it. An electric car is the view on future through today. Having an electric car can be not only comfortable, but also it can save the planet from the current problems we, people are confronting, like global warming and the animals and plants on the red lists. I love all electric and I can see the future in it.

BMW i3 Accessories


All weather floor mats.

The floor mats have a 3D Look and fit perfectly in the interior design of the innovative BMW i3. The mats are held securely by an approved BMW restraining system. It is a sustainable combination from plastic materials that are waterproof, dirt resistant and 100% recyclable. The waste during their production is also 100% recyclable.



Luggage compartment protector, folding.

It is a special box developed for electric and hybrid cars, it is a luggage protector and a waterproof transportation box. If it is unfolded it protects the luggage from dirt and it can be easily transformed into a transportation box.

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Board case

It is the box that allows all the cables and charging tools to be stored in one place. It is a robust case that fits perfectly in the luggage compartment. The case assures the plugs and the cables from dirt and water.

bmw  i3 World Premier 050


AC Rapid Charge Cable

With the Rapid Charge Cable the electric BMW car can be charged three times faster in the public charging stations than with the conventional charging station. The bag that is specially made to hold the cable, and the cleaning cloth also ensures that the charge is carried out in an ergonomic and clean way.


BMW i3 from idea to car.


BMW shows us how an idea of lancing a unconventional car came that has the structure created from modules, carbon fiber, plastic panels for wheels and bio materials inside.

BMW i3 starts from 34.950 Euro with TVA in Germany and it’s concept as a electric car. For those who fear that the Autonomy to 160 km won’t be sufficiently big, there is the possibility to order optionally a motor-generator on benzine that extends the autonomy to 260-300 km.

BMW i3 back doors open after the front doors are opened. The belts for the front passengers are hanged on the highest point,next to the back door, so that the back passengers can get out only if the front passengers open the door and release the belts.

BMW i3 has an engine that develops 170 CP and sends all the power to the back wheel. Acceleration to 100 Km/h is made in 7.2 seconds, and the highest speed is 150 km/h.

The 22kWh battery weights 230 kg and can be recharged in 6-8 hours at home, but at public station of fast charging (50 kW) the charging can reach 80% in 30 minutes.

BMW i3 is made of aluminium and carbon fiber, and it weights 1.200 kg. 50% of weight is on the front and 50% of weight on the back.

The estimations show that BMW has invested 2 milliards Euro in the new BMW i.

Is a standard charger enough for a BMW i3?


These days I have been looking through my news feed about BMW i cars and found a review and a detailed essay about the car and it’s options. My attention was captured by the thing with charging, I have always thought of charging of a BMW i3 and this charging process. The electric car-lovers know that BMW company sells an Wallbox but some people say it is very expensive, about 1650 euro. Of course it charges the car 6 hours. There is even a more powerful charger : Wallbox Pure, it charges the car 80% less than 3 hours with 32 ampere. But it comes with a text :“Depending on the available electrical supply at the installation site, a maximum charging power of 7.4 kW can be reached. If the grid is optimally developed, the BMW i3 can be charged up to 80 % of the maximum capacity in under 3 hours”. So some people owning the car think the company can take money every year for this device.

The car settings lead the owner the opportunity to set the power to charge the car from the charger. There are 3 options: Maximum, Reduced,Low.

  • Low is charging the car at 5.95 amps (1300 W)
  • Reduced is charging the car at 8.7 amps (1900 W)
  • Maximum is charging at just under 12A.

So a BMW i3 owner is pretty sure he can be without the Wallbox, a standard charger is enough for a town use of the car, but of course the quick chargers are good for long roads and when people go far.home-charging-05.jpg.resource.1375356248877

Wallbox charger


The electric cars are a revolutionary view on the old world. They have a lot of advantages over the old, conventional vehicles. They can be fully charged every morning, at home quickly and easily, using the standard charging cable supplied. Or even faster with BMW i Wallbox.  This home charging station has increased the charging capacity, reducing the charging time and making it an ideal accessory for BMW i vehicles. It is customized to specific needs. And it provides the green electricity with a selected renewable energy provider.

The charging time is reduced by 30% with Wallbox, compared to the standard charging stations. So the car is charged with the capacity for 80% in under 6 hours. The wallbox is made using a high proportion of recyclable materials.

athome athome-02

Safety concept of BMW i3


The Safety Concept of BMW i3 was developed as a tailor-made for electric vehicles. The high-strength passenger compartment is made of carbon and offers protection from outside influences. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery is positioned in the Drive module . The new driving assistant systems help the driver to make the right decision and in emergency cases help the car stay mobile

Driver Assistance

The new driver assistance systems included in the BMW i3 makes the driving a pleasure and ensures a worry-free parking. With Driving Assistant Plus, the vehicle is able to warn the driver about collisions and to maintain the speed and the distance in city in case of traffic jams. The parking assistance can make the child’s play of parking fully autonomously.


Carbon fiber

The Life module that is the passengers seat of the BMW i3 is made of carbon fiber that ensures safety to the passenger in case of emergency. The carbon fiber is a especially light and high-strength material. Until nowadays, the use of this material in large series production was too difficult, but after 10 years of research, the BMW Group has developed an innovative solution and it produces the carbon fibers and the carbon fiber plates in large series together in a joint venture with the company SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers.

carbon-02 carbon-01 P90127388_highRes


Lithium-ion high-voltage battery

The manufacturers of the BMW Group have thought of the outside influences that can come over the lithium-ion high-voltage battery, so they placed it in the center of the Drive module of the car. The life and the safety of the battery is ensured by the specially developed heating air conditioning system.

The Battery Guard helps the BMW i3 owner by monitoring the lithium-ion high-voltage battery of the vehicle and sends notifications to the owner if a deviation occurs when charging is in the process or if the vehicles lights are not turned off.



BMW i ConnectedDrive


BMW i Connected Drive

BMW i is more than a car, it combines all concepts of all-electric cars for the daily use, innovative mobility services and it is a new understanding of the sustainability concept. The new developed BMW i Connected Drive services are an important part of this concept.

BMW i Navigation

BMW i Navigation and BMW I Connected Drive are linked together to make the driving of the BMW I vehicle easy, convenient and comfortable. The central piece of the BMW I navigation is the Range Assistant. It has a dynamic range map, it takes into consideration : battery charge level, driving style, traffic, conditions and topographic condition of the route. You can also optimize the ECO ROUTE on BMW servers using BMW Connected Drive. Traffic prediction is included and you will be given the best route in a really good time.

The concept displays the nearest charging station all the time. BMW i Navigation system take into consideration the public transportation, it is displayed on timetables and soon it will include the function to guide you to a free parking place.


BMW i Remote App

The BMW i Remote App for iOS or Android shows you the actual information on the status of your BMW i. It is the car location, range, the battery charge level, service messages and such information as if the doors are locked or the lights are off. The charging process can be initiated using the weekly timer and the air conditioning activated by remote control before a trip. The application gives the owner the right to see the Range map from the Remote App also. Destinations are also included. The BMW I Remote App measures the efficiency of each journey and gives tips on driving. The efficiency value of each journey can be anonymously shared with others and compared.

xl_BMW-i-Remote-App-624 bmw-i-connecteddrive-01 bmw-i-remote-03-en