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A great success for BMW i8 in Great Britain


Even if the price number can sound very high, and it is the most expensive model of BMW Group, the people keen on sport electric cars are charmed and are subscribing in the waiting list that got to 10 months of waiting.

In Great Britain is the most important market for this kind of cars and even if the price starts with 100.000 nickers for the BMW i8, the waiting list is a little bit of 10 months.

The BMW officials from Great Britain tell that the English people are not afraid of the heavy check of the German car and fascinated by the performance and SF look of the BMW i8, they order it on benzine. A selling  responsible person from BMW Park Line from London says that BMW i8 has the greatest success of all brads from the time he works for BMW. Not less than 170 clients from this dealership have ordered a BMW i8.

2 i8

The partnership between BMW and Toyota for a BMW i3 on hydrogen


BMW has a plan to launch a BMW i3 on hydrogen with fuel cells and it will use the technology of the Toyota that has been already tested and developed, that was understood from Craig Scott’s declaration, the director of Toyota responsible for advanced vehicles. BMW has a partnership with Toyota from January 2013

It is hard to say anything about the FCEV(Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle), but BMW is making a smart move having done a i3 FCEV, because the smart cars are invading the vehicle market.

Here are the domains that were mentioned in the partnership between BMW and Toyota.

Fuel cell

These two big groups are convinced that vehicles on hydrogen have a great future. So in 2015 Toyota will launch such a car, but BMW will work till 2020 for a new system of fuel cell, including the engine, the hydrogen reservoir and another components.

A sport car developed in common

BMW and Toyota decided to save time and resources and to make a research till 2013 regarding a new concept for a sport car for the medium class.

Lightweight materials

BMW and Toyota study their experience in using lightweight materials for combining the experience and to use lightweight materials like recycled materials

More powerful accumulators

The two groups are working on the lithium-air batteries that have a greater density than lithium-ion batteries and are smaller that those.

BMW and Toyota have signed a partnership in March 2012 to make lithium-ion batteries, earlier though they signed a partnership to make diesel engines.


Blue BMW i8 driving in Paris

Thanks to our french friends that posted this amazing video on youtube. The blue BMW i8 is just wonderful. The color and the elegance of the car is new for our era.

I wait for the time when electric cars will be used instead of fuel cars. This will be the perfect time to enjoy soundless driving and clean environment.

3 interiors for BMW i8- REVEALED


In the last article I promised to reveal the three interior designs of the BMW i8. So here we are.

Sustainable, sporty, modern and luxury vehicle is a reflection of the future in its design, colors and interior materials. NESO, CARPO, HALO are the three interior designs that are offered by the BMW Group. Each of them is exclusive and spreads the sustainability concept. Their creation is based on the lightweight, recycled materials in the interior and the leather has been tanned with olive leaf extract.


The best representation of the future sporty mobility is the design NESO. The feeling of well-being is maintained by the recycled materials, clear contrasts and highlight materials in the doors and side panels. The sustainable concept of the BMW i8 is clearly underlined. The modern effect created in the interior of the NESO design is based on the extremely light Spheric leather in light Carum Grey. They complement the black Exclusive leather surfaces and black Nappa leather. All the interior elements have a clear, light, sustainable, modern air.



CARPO full-leather equipment gathers crafted light Spheric leather for the seats covers, including some accents of black Exclusive leather on the instrument panel and on the inner door part Nappa leather. The colors used for the steering wheel accents are Pearl-Gloss Chrome and Satin Silver, there are also some lacquered accent surfaces in dark grey Amido Metallic.

CARPO is available in two verisons. One version is with Ivory White thrives on the constras of colors with the black surfaces in Exclusive leather. The lightness and the transparency in the interior is underlined by the light leather surfaces in the doors, on the instrument panel and on the seat, that are dynamically curved. The second version has leather in the anthracite-colored tone of Amido, the combination with the Exclusive leather.



The full-leather equipment combines an aspiration with natural aesthetics. The leather of Dalbergia Brown is tanned with plant extracts, it has accents in Carum Grey. In the HALO design there are some connections made with BMW i Blue on seat belts, the steering wheel made of leather, on stitching. This connections underline the luxury and the slimline in the interior. There is a interesting contrast on the doors between light and dark, on the side panels and the instrument panel. Another accents are provided by the Amido Metallic.


The BMW i Remote App

Here is a little information about BMW i Remote App. The new world is based on electricity and electronics. BMW decided to make an App that can help the owner of a BMW i car feel more comfortable knowing the information about his car only by pressing on a button of his phone.

Love the car, have the App.

Interior design of the BMW i8


The sporty look from the exterior is continued in the interior of the BMW i8. All the elements are light and dynamic.  The layering principle that is used in the exterior design creates in the interior, a relationship between functionality and clear form. The lightweight principle is implemented visually; the carbon elements in the door reduce the weight and make the car look lighter.

The classic sports car character is present in BMW i8. The center console is aligned towards the driver.The instruments and the digital panel with its two large displays are easy to operate with. The passenger seats are positioned low and the lightweight seats provide comfort and support when turning or cornering rapidly.The iDrive Controller is conveniently located on the center console that optically bisects the vehicle.

The sustainability effect is kept by the lightweight materials that come from recycled plastic bottles and other resource-saving materials. At the same time in the interior design is present the modern sportiness and premium character, it is reflected in all three interior designs(that will be revealed in the next article).

The driver of the BMW i8 are able to create their individual mood lightening with the special equipment option of ambient lightening in the interior of their vehicle. The lightening offered by the BMW Group is designed in LED technology, and it emphasizes the luxury ambiance. It can alternate between Efficient Dynamics Blue,Amber and White. The light extends from the contour lines of the doors, the instrument panel and steering wheel to the foot well and creates an comfortable and a little fancy ambiance in the interior of the car.




Exterior of BMW i8


BMW i8 has the characteristics of a full-blooded sports car. Its long wheelbase, short overhangs and the solid positions when it crouches on the street confirm it fully. The front of the vehicle appear extremely low and wide. All pieces in the car are arranged to be aerodynamic. The BMW genes are revealed by the flat, but prominent double kidney grille. A”black belt” in a V shape stats on the bonnet and wraps around the bodyshell.

The flat and dynamic silhouette is underlined by the exaggerated wedge shape and the long drawn-out lines.The sporty appearance is emphasized by the layering design used. This design includes the surfaces and lines to overlap and interweave. The surfaces create a compact and agile impression joining harmoniously.

The BMW i8 is available in four different colour schemes:

  • Sophisto Grey brilliant effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metallic
  • Protonic Blue with highlight in Frozen Grey metallic
  • Ionic Silver metallic with highlight in BMW i Blue
  • Crystal White pearl effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metallbmw-i8-colors


BMW i8 vs Tesla S


Today we will speak about two sport cars that drive on electricity. The first one is BMW i8 hybrid, and the second one is Tesla Model S. Of course those that visit our site know more about BMW i8 than about Tesla, but you can check the information about Tesla here: and about BMW i8 here:

Check out the photos here below

The interior of the Tesla Model S:2013-tesla-model-s-cockpit


Android App for Tesla Model S



BMW i8 bmw_i8_wallpaper-1920x1080 bmw-i8