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BMW i Wallbox Pro


On 26 september BMW has launched for sale the new charger for electric cars and plug-in hybrids, I Wallbox Pro. It can be installed as inside as well as outside and it is compatible with the cars of rival marks.

BMW I Wallbox Pro is the second point where the electric cars and plug-in hybrids can be charged that the German company launches. It has a charging speed of 7.4kWh, that means that the Wallbox can charge in less than 3 hours an acumulator of BMW i3 up to 80% of its capacity. To be more universal and to be compatible with other cars it is used an adapter named European Type 2. The clients that order a i Wallbox Pro as an original accessory have the option of Wallbox being installed for free, inside of the garage or outside.

The new charging station of BMW is commanded through tactil screen, it can use the house electricity and can be linked with Smart Home platforms. The diagonal has 7 inch and let’s the owner to look over the charging and to program it as well as his personal settings. With the help of a smartphone that has a BMW I Wallbox Remote aplication, he or she can monitor the settings of the car from distance. A BMW a i Wallbox Pro can have up to 3 users, consumption and settings of each one can be stored, these details can be sent to one person, being posible usage in personal or business purpose .

BMW i8, the super hybrid of BMW Group  that announces a mixed consumption of 2.1 liters in first 100 km, can ride 37 km in 0 emission mode.

BMW i Wallbox Pro can use the energy produced in own system, like an solar or wind installations, existing the possibility of classifying this type of energy against the classic one that can provide the energy not only from renewable sources. The system preferes the energy that comes from renewable sources to another one, as long as it is available. The charging panel has cables of 3.5 meters, that is protected from weather and has a support. BMW i Wallbox Pro is activating automatically when it detects a moving and the cable can be used with one hand. BMW-carport-03

BMW i Born Electric Tour.


The new electric BMW i cars have travelled to 6 cities, 3 continents, BMW i have made 31 events, and it has 27 local partners. These are encouraging numbers for a new brand and a new technology. We think the future of BMW i will be great. Keep up with it. Be informed.

BMW i8 iPhone or Android


So here I have uploaded a video about using BMW i8 app. You can cool or warm your car just using the app from the house. You can use the map and view where are the charging stations or where is your car located. Here you can find out more about the app that can be installed on iPhone or Android.

Life Drive in BMW i3



BMW Life Drive is the first architecture of a car made especially for electric cars. It is made of 2 units: the Life module, the passenger cell made the carbon and the Drive module with suspension and drive components and high-voltage battery. There is no tunnel running through the middle of the car and it is more space for the passenger place. Life Drive lowers the car’s center of gravity, compensates the extra weight of the battery and also gives the BMW i an agility expected from all BMW cars.

bmw-i3-042-e1315776477606 Upf_Tech-BMWi3Struc

BMW i8 Different Exteriors.


I am fully in love with the different exteriors of BMW i8, they can be a strong characteristic for the person who owns one of them. Each of them is a part of BMW i owner and choosing the car the exterior can be the most delightful part to choose. BMW i8 remains good and powerful, but the personality makes the difference. Adore the features and enjoy the exterior.


Protonic Blue with highlight in Frozen Grey metallic


BMW-i8-Hybrid-eDrive-Weltpremiere-Protonic-Blue-IAA-2013-LIVE-03 BMW-i8-Hybrid-eDrive-Weltpremiere-Protonic-Blue-IAA-2013-LIVE-09


Crystal White pearl effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metal




Ionic Silver metallic with highlight in BMW i Blue


bg1024_420969 i85



Sophisto Grey brilliant effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metallic





Wallpaper-1920x1200-6 i81

The first BMW Advanced Body Repair Center in Est Europe.

Romania is the first country from Est Europe that has an official BMW Technology-Painting Center. Automobile Bavaria from Otopeni Romania are happy owners of the first BMW Advanced Body Repair Center from country, that has invested over 250.000 euro in special equipments.

BMW Advanced Body Repair,the investitional program in the service reaparing has entered Romania, it beeing the first coutry where the new techniques of reparing the concern are applied. We are speaking about new solutions of repairing the wind screen, plastic materials and the coachwork, that will offer faster and cheaper solving, all with a high level, repeating all standards of the BMW Group.  Every BMW center that chooses Advanced Body Repair will invert 250.000 Euro in equipment. Beside the equipment there is a program that prepares the specialists that will be using the equipments, and they will be prepared in BMW Traning Academy in Munchen, Germany

 What do new techniques of repairing mean?

New techniques of rearing BMW, introduced for the first time in Automobile Bavaria Otopeni, include solutions for aluminium, plastic and glass, through new methods of riveting and sticking in stead of traditional methods.This fact reduces the cost for the clients and the price paid by the insurance companies. For example the new technologies can repair a car affected by the hail, or some small scratches on the wind screen. In some cases the solution can remove the possibility of changing by only taking some pieces and replacing. With new technologies time and money are saved.

The advantages of the new techniques and where can they be applied

Only the models from the BMW Group Portfolio have access to this kind of service, that means Rolls-Royce, MINI and BMW. The good news is that this technology can enter the independent ateliers but well equipped, in some years and to serve all kinds of cars not only BMW.

The repairing doesn’t leave signs and offers the same quality and safety as if the car was repaired at the fabrique. The time is really shortened using this technology from 1 hour for some small signs from hail.

otopeni bmw537002l 813438l  wind front windowrepair front wind otopeni bmw 2otopeni bmw 1

BMW i8. Aerodynamics.



Again BMW i8 Series, today we are offering you a short and useful information about the BMW i8 Aerodynamics. BMW i8 offers a multitude of factors about the i8. The shape is modelled as a drop of water, as wind strings in a air tunnel the two horizontal lines from the bottom to the top of the car come to meet in the rear, these makes the BMW i8 more aerodynamic but aerodynamics is not only about what the eye can catch, Air curtains and Aeroflaps are also factors from the aerodynamics.

BMW i8 is the car from the XXI century.

Remote App for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S- Smart Watch.

BMW Group is the first car company that has proposed for IFA 2014 a Smart watch for BMW i. It has a large option for every user of the car, and this is appreciated as the connection to the car, something like the Remote App they have made. But this App for Samsung Galaxy Gear S is only for the car and exclusively made to help the owner control the car, to cool the interior of the car before coming to it, or to find a charging station near by.

The prototype of the Remote App adapted on the smart watch was presented in 2014 in Las Vegas at CES, but here in Berlin at IFA BMW Group has presented the ready version of the Watch that can already be sold to the customer. IFA was on the 4th of September in Berlin.

BMW i Wallbox. Video



A little about the Wallbox and it’s position that is found for each car personal, BMWi Installation Partner will help the owner to install the Wallbox in the most convenient place, regarding the parking place, parking position and utility.