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BMW C Evolution.


The new BMW motorcycle launched in 2014 makes new standards of efficiency. The battery autonomy lets the vehicle to drive on distances of 100 kilometres.

BMW C Evolution is a electric motorcycle that has 48 power horses and a 100 km autonomy. The charging of the electric vehicle is made in circa 3 hours with less than 3 euros.

The problem can consist in lack of classic motor sound that is replaced by the silent electrical hum, it traffic people cannot observe that a motorcycle is moving. The vehicle can accelerate in 2,7 seconds to 50 km/h. The brakes are very performant. The motorcycle has the “Reverse ” function and also the autonomy level can be raised when pushing the brakes, by 20 km.

BMW C Evolution will consume around 3 euros for a full charge, a BMW C650 GT will cost the owner around 6-7 euros. In west Europe the BMW C Evolution costs around 15 500 euros, little big price for a motorcycle. Even if the cost is high and the charging is not less that for the classic motorcycle a reason to buy the BMW C Evolution is that this vehicle doesn’t pollute the nature.

The electric motorcycle has 4 modes of piloting , here are they:

Eco Pro – The mode that lets the owner to feel the best “the motor brake”., a reason why the economy of energy is  also the biggest. The acceleration is also limited to protect the energy reserves, so the autonomy can reach up to 120 km.

Road – The mode that BMW calculated the autonomy of 100 km. It allows to use the entire power of the engine and the energy is recuperated in a procentage of 50% when the acceleration lever is closed.The energy recuperation is done when pushing the brakes.

Sail – The mode where is no “motor brakes”, the motorcycle is carried by inetia and does recuperate the energy when pressing the brakes. The single mode that offers great experience that can be hardly felt of a classical motorcycle.

Dynamic – The mode that lets to use the entire power of acceleration, but it consumes very fast the battery power. Dynamic mode has the most violent “motor brake”, thats why the owner needs a time period to accommodate until it can be ruled over.adis7877 adis7888 bmw-c-evolution-34

Park Now.


ParkNow lets smart drivers easily find and book a parking spot in advance at ParkNow garages located in and around San Francisco. Drivers can locate the nearest available off-street parking options -at both ParkNow locations and non-member garages -and get real-time information on best parking rates, as well as additional related services, from where to get a car wash to the availability of bike rentals, within ParkNow locations.

Park Now given by BMW i and urban mobility. Enjoy!

BMW i8S or i9. BMW 100 year anniversary.


Soon BMW Group will celebrate 100 years of existence, so they decided to make a special model based on existing BMW i8. It is expected to be named BMW i8S or BMW i9 and offer great performances.

A lot of rumours tell that a new BMW model is expected, created especially for celebrating the 100 year of the existence of BMW.

A lot of sources tell that a new project, with the name cod M100, is being prepared and based on BMW i8. Some have even suggested that the new version of the suer hybrid will be named i8S. Some occidental publications say that the new hybrid will have a better look, more sporty, with a new suspension, brakes and bigger wheals.

It is speculated that it will take the future BMW i8S  (i9 ) only 3.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

The important modification are likely to appear under the hood, there will be hidden a bi-turbo engine of 2.0 litres and 320 horsepower or the well known aggregate with 6 cylinders in the line, 3.0 litres and 480 horsepower. Indifferent what option they will choose it will exist am electric engine of 11 horsepower that will action front wheels.

The speed limited electrically is thought to be 250 km/h.

It the project is ended it will be sold with a 30% higher price than that of the actual model.Are you excited about a new model of BMW i ? I totally am!BMW_i8_Concept


BMW Gadgets.


BMW Group was the first car producer in the history that offered a series model with a navigation system GPS in Europe.Now BMW is truing to attract clients with the help of new technologies.


Connected Drive gathers more gadgets in one: infotainment system of the car(navigation, audio, settings), safety system and Head-up Display system, here in Connected Drive you can connect your phone to the care and use applications in car through your phone, like Facebook, Twitter, radio online, music online.

Officially the term Connected Drive appeared in 1999 in Auto Salon in Frankfurt and included at that time weather, assistance services through phone, trafic information and an emergency call.

Audio systems Bang & Olufsen


For Seria 7, Seria 6, Seria 5, X5 şi X6 models, BMW offers the opion of an audio system Bang & Olufsen with a maxim power of 1200 W. The sound is distributed optimally in the entire car. An important role has played the ALT (Acoustiv Lens Technology), that can trick the ear and make the brain think that the sound comes from another place than it really is. It sounds great but it costs great also, 5000 euro

Night Vision 

Night Vision can recognise people and animals in night time, and also it can calculate the trajectory of the man or animal. Why is good to have Night Vision because it automatically prepares the brakes so the easiest touch of the brake it applies the maximum force to stop faster.

Also, Night Vision is completed with 2 LED lights that can illuminate individually people that are in front of the car to be easier to see them in the night. Tis option is available for all types of BMW but not for Seria 1 and X1

Parking automatically

For the new generation of BMW X5 it is a new option of automatically parking. This requires only pressing button and to show the direction where you want to park your car, the car will scan the space and will park nearly to perfection.



BMW i8 tips from a real owner.


BMW i8 tips from a real owner.

  • The MPG for 880 miles was 35.1.
  • Before doing anything else, turn on “Prefer Expressways” in Navigation Options, or the Navigation system will take you throughout the river and through the woods to achieve the fastest route , even it takes 3 exits and a lot of time to get out of the woods.
  • Turn off “Sport” when entering a parking, not to get an agressive car and to move reverse easier.
  • The little box on the climate display named “AUTO” is about the energy intensity the auto setting has, it has five positions.
  • The back seat is not adjusted for a high person about 5′, people are feeling not very comfortable in back.
  • It is not very comfortable to get out of the car because of the unconventional doors. It can be an issue but not for everyone.
  • People want to take pictures with the car, some people follow the car just to take pictures from back. People go crazy when see BMW i8.j5jkgqoir2ojxe0cdtue nxeai0yoido06fyu4l7r rfbgv5jpv5qhtrbvxk1u


BMW i3 tuned by Eve.Ryn


The Japanese thought that BMW i3 would need a stilling from them. So people from Eve.Ryn  thought that BMW i3 could be more imposing, so they have worked on an aesthetic and a little aggressive kit. They didn’t stop only at the look of i3 but they also made the wheels of 20 inches and they modified the angle of wheels(the stance treatment that is more popular in the world of tuning )

We don’t know if the electric motor was modified so we can just look and admire the tuning of the BMW i3.
Share your opinions. Do you like the BMW i3 Eve.Ryn ?

EveRyn+BMW+i3+2 BMW-i3-3 EveRyn+BMW+i3+5Tuned by EV

BMW i8 presented in Romania.

On 30 September was presented in Romania the BMW i8. Super hybrid . The event was organized by the Automobile Bavaria in Romanian Ateneu as an act of 20 year activity in Romania. The car has laser lights very similar to natural lighting. It was not mentioned a date of launching in Romania. The first 8 cars were delivered to the owners in June.image image