The partnership between BMW and Toyota for a BMW i3 on hydrogen


BMW has a plan to launch a BMW i3 on hydrogen with fuel cells and it will use the technology of the Toyota that has been already tested and developed, that was understood from Craig Scott’s declaration, the director of Toyota responsible for advanced vehicles. BMW has a partnership with Toyota from January 2013

It is hard to say anything about the FCEV(Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle), but BMW is making a smart move having done a i3 FCEV, because the smart cars are invading the vehicle market.

Here are the domains that were mentioned in the partnership between BMW and Toyota.

Fuel cell

These two big groups are convinced that vehicles on hydrogen have a great future. So in 2015 Toyota will launch such a car, but BMW will work till 2020 for a new system of fuel cell, including the engine, the hydrogen reservoir and another components.

A sport car developed in common

BMW and Toyota decided to save time and resources and to make a research till 2013 regarding a new concept for a sport car for the medium class.

Lightweight materials

BMW and Toyota study their experience in using lightweight materials for combining the experience and to use lightweight materials like recycled materials

More powerful accumulators

The two groups are working on the lithium-air batteries that have a greater density than lithium-ion batteries and are smaller that those.

BMW and Toyota have signed a partnership in March 2012 to make lithium-ion batteries, earlier though they signed a partnership to make diesel engines.


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