A great success for BMW i8 in Great Britain


Even if the price number can sound very high, and it is the most expensive model of BMW Group, the people keen on sport electric cars are charmed and are subscribing in the waiting list that got to 10 months of waiting.

In Great Britain is the most important market for this kind of cars and even if the price starts with 100.000 nickers for the BMW i8, the waiting list is a little bit of 10 months.

The BMW officials from Great Britain tell that the English people are not afraid of the heavy check of the German car and fascinated by the performance and SF look of the BMW i8, they order it on benzine. A selling  responsible person from BMW Park Line from London says that BMW i8 has the greatest success of all brads from the time he works for BMW. Not less than 170 clients from this dealership have ordered a BMW i8.

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