BMW Gadgets.


BMW Group was the first car producer in the history that offered a series model with a navigation system GPS in Europe.Now BMW is truing to attract clients with the help of new technologies.


Connected Drive gathers more gadgets in one: infotainment system of the car(navigation, audio, settings), safety system and Head-up Display system, here in Connected Drive you can connect your phone to the care and use applications in car through your phone, like Facebook, Twitter, radio online, music online.

Officially the term Connected Drive appeared in 1999 in Auto Salon in Frankfurt and included at that time weather, assistance services through phone, trafic information and an emergency call.

Audio systems Bang & Olufsen


For Seria 7, Seria 6, Seria 5, X5 şi X6 models, BMW offers the opion of an audio system Bang & Olufsen with a maxim power of 1200 W. The sound is distributed optimally in the entire car. An important role has played the ALT (Acoustiv Lens Technology), that can trick the ear and make the brain think that the sound comes from another place than it really is. It sounds great but it costs great also, 5000 euro

Night Vision 

Night Vision can recognise people and animals in night time, and also it can calculate the trajectory of the man or animal. Why is good to have Night Vision because it automatically prepares the brakes so the easiest touch of the brake it applies the maximum force to stop faster.

Also, Night Vision is completed with 2 LED lights that can illuminate individually people that are in front of the car to be easier to see them in the night. Tis option is available for all types of BMW but not for Seria 1 and X1

Parking automatically

For the new generation of BMW X5 it is a new option of automatically parking. This requires only pressing button and to show the direction where you want to park your car, the car will scan the space and will park nearly to perfection.



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