BMW i3 Accessories


All weather floor mats.

The floor mats have a 3D Look and fit perfectly in the interior design of the innovative BMW i3. The mats are held securely by an approved BMW restraining system. It is a sustainable combination from plastic materials that are waterproof, dirt resistant and 100% recyclable. The waste during their production is also 100% recyclable.



Luggage compartment protector, folding.

It is a special box developed for electric and hybrid cars, it is a luggage protector and a waterproof transportation box. If it is unfolded it protects the luggage from dirt and it can be easily transformed into a transportation box.

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Board case

It is the box that allows all the cables and charging tools to be stored in one place. It is a robust case that fits perfectly in the luggage compartment. The case assures the plugs and the cables from dirt and water.

bmw  i3 World Premier 050


AC Rapid Charge Cable

With the Rapid Charge Cable the electric BMW car can be charged three times faster in the public charging stations than with the conventional charging station. The bag that is specially made to hold the cable, and the cleaning cloth also ensures that the charge is carried out in an ergonomic and clean way.


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