BMW i3 from idea to car.


BMW shows us how an idea of lancing a unconventional car came that has the structure created from modules, carbon fiber, plastic panels for wheels and bio materials inside.

BMW i3 starts from 34.950 Euro with TVA in Germany and it’s concept as a electric car. For those who fear that the Autonomy to 160 km won’t be sufficiently big, there is the possibility to order optionally a motor-generator on benzine that extends the autonomy to 260-300 km.

BMW i3 back doors open after the front doors are opened. The belts for the front passengers are hanged on the highest point,next to the back door, so that the back passengers can get out only if the front passengers open the door and release the belts.

BMW i3 has an engine that develops 170 CP and sends all the power to the back wheel. Acceleration to 100 Km/h is made in 7.2 seconds, and the highest speed is 150 km/h.

The 22kWh battery weights 230 kg and can be recharged in 6-8 hours at home, but at public station of fast charging (50 kW) the charging can reach 80% in 30 minutes.

BMW i3 is made of aluminium and carbon fiber, and it weights 1.200 kg. 50% of weight is on the front and 50% of weight on the back.

The estimations show that BMW has invested 2 milliards Euro in the new BMW i.

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