BMW i3 “Green Car of the Year ” reward


When winning the “Green Car of the Year” premium 2015, BMW i3 added to its set of trophies another one. The car that was chosen to win,  rewarded by  Green Car Journal at Auto salon from Los Angeles in 2014,  is the first model of holly electric car from the premium segment. This trophy is added to another ones that the car has won and proves the sustainability that this model is offering.

Over 12000 vehicles of BMW i3  were sold from the beginning of the November 2013. The presence of a bigger number of this kind of cars is the proof that the pleasure of driving can be obtained with 0 emissions and the combination of sustainability and premium comfort is one that will last.At one year from launching BMW i3 is already the third best sold entirely electric car from the market.

The first clients from Germany appreciated the sport performances. They are based on the 125kW/170 CP electronic engine, that offers a great reaction for the acceleration. In generally this people use the car in the urban traffic, driving from home to work. They charge the lithium-ion battery on a house charger at night. The main reason these people bought this car is because of it sustainability and the new experience it giver of the driving without emissions. The most important features seen by the drivers was the passenger’s seat made from carbon fibre,  the regenerable materials used in the interior, the propulsion technology, the connectivity to the car and the design considered “futuristic”.  The ask for this amazing car that can also be provided with a normal engine , has been unexpected.

The car received a lot of rewards. “Green Steering Wheel” in 2013 before launching, it is one of the categories of “GoldenWheel “organised by Auto Bild and Bild am Sontag, and it was also voted as the best car from the premium class “Best Cars” given by “Auto, Motor und Sport”. Also the car has received 2 rewords from the readers of the Auto Zeitung journal and Auto Trophy 2013 and Green Mobility Trophy 2014.


The most important distinction are:  UK Car of the Year, Next Green Car, Green Car of the Year, Fleet Hero and the success in the  “Sunday Times Top 100” top (in GB),  the special reword from the jury in “The car of the year in Switzerland”and success in the contests Trophées de l’Argus in France. In April 2014, a jury formed by auto journalists from all around the world declared BMW i3 as the “World Green Car of the Year” and”World Car Design of the Year” .


The interios and exterior design has also became rewords some of them are listed here : German Design Award, iF gold for the design and “Automotive Interiors Expo Award”, and the  GQ journal named the director of the BMW i3 design , Benoit Jacob, as “the Designer of the Year”. Auto Bild also gave some rewords, where the BMW i3 design was chosen  as”The innovation of the Year”,and the readers of  Auto Bild Klassik named it “The futures Classic”.


“Green Car of the Year” 2015 was based on the fact that BMw i3 doen’t emit nocive substances when driving, the super easy design and innovative and the big percentage of the sustainable materials used in the production.  Green Car Journal is specialised in reportages referring to technologies with a long evolving that are making the efficiency better. The “Green Car of the Year ” is been held from 2005 in the Auto salon in Los Angeles and this year it is opened for public for 21-30 November.

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