BMW i8 Different Exteriors.


I am fully in love with the different exteriors of BMW i8, they can be a strong characteristic for the person who owns one of them. Each of them is a part of BMW i owner and choosing the car the exterior can be the most delightful part to choose. BMW i8 remains good and powerful, but the personality makes the difference. Adore the features and enjoy the exterior.


Protonic Blue with highlight in Frozen Grey metallic


BMW-i8-Hybrid-eDrive-Weltpremiere-Protonic-Blue-IAA-2013-LIVE-03 BMW-i8-Hybrid-eDrive-Weltpremiere-Protonic-Blue-IAA-2013-LIVE-09


Crystal White pearl effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metal




Ionic Silver metallic with highlight in BMW i Blue


bg1024_420969 i85



Sophisto Grey brilliant effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metallic





Wallpaper-1920x1200-6 i81



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