BMW i8 tips from a real owner.


BMW i8 tips from a real owner.

  • The MPG for 880 miles was 35.1.
  • Before doing anything else, turn on “Prefer Expressways” in Navigation Options, or the Navigation system will take you throughout the river and through the woods to achieve the fastest route , even it takes 3 exits and a lot of time to get out of the woods.
  • Turn off “Sport” when entering a parking, not to get an agressive car and to move reverse easier.
  • The little box on the climate display named “AUTO” is about the energy intensity the auto setting has, it has five positions.
  • The back seat is not adjusted for a high person about 5′, people are feeling not very comfortable in back.
  • It is not very comfortable to get out of the car because of the unconventional doors. It can be an issue but not for everyone.
  • People want to take pictures with the car, some people follow the car just to take pictures from back. People go crazy when see BMW i8.j5jkgqoir2ojxe0cdtue nxeai0yoido06fyu4l7r rfbgv5jpv5qhtrbvxk1u




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