BMW i8 tuning

BMW reviews are coming all over the world. In this moment I suppose a lot of sites and blogs are posting articles about BMW i company. But we have lack of information about tuners and tuning of BMW i8. Here are some pictures of BMW ISS wheels.  ISS Forged manufactures is a exclusive range of forged wheels. They don’t produce wheels in mass, the focus on their individual brands. Their products combine technological excellence and emotional appeal. ISS Forged is a leader when coming to quality and bmw-i8-rendered-on-iss-forged-wheels_2-750x393 bmw-i8-rendered-on-iss-forged-wheels_3-750x393 bmw-i8-rendered-on-iss-forged-wheels_4-750x392


To give a solid image of the build, the artist that went on and fiddled with the body panels. To accommodate the larger wheels, the wheel arches were altered, while some carbon fiber bits found themselves in the side skirts of the rear bumper.

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