BMW i8S or i9. BMW 100 year anniversary.


Soon BMW Group will celebrate 100 years of existence, so they decided to make a special model based on existing BMW i8. It is expected to be named BMW i8S or BMW i9 and offer great performances.

A lot of rumours tell that a new BMW model is expected, created especially for celebrating the 100 year of the existence of BMW.

A lot of sources tell that a new project, with the name cod M100, is being prepared and based on BMW i8. Some have even suggested that the new version of the suer hybrid will be named i8S. Some occidental publications say that the new hybrid will have a better look, more sporty, with a new suspension, brakes and bigger wheals.

It is speculated that it will take the future BMW i8S  (i9 ) only 3.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h.

The important modification are likely to appear under the hood, there will be hidden a bi-turbo engine of 2.0 litres and 320 horsepower or the well known aggregate with 6 cylinders in the line, 3.0 litres and 480 horsepower. Indifferent what option they will choose it will exist am electric engine of 11 horsepower that will action front wheels.

The speed limited electrically is thought to be 250 km/h.

It the project is ended it will be sold with a 30% higher price than that of the actual model.Are you excited about a new model of BMW i ? I totally am!BMW_i8_Concept


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