Interior design of the BMW i8


The sporty look from the exterior is continued in the interior of the BMW i8. All the elements are light and dynamic.  The layering principle that is used in the exterior design creates in the interior, a relationship between functionality and clear form. The lightweight principle is implemented visually; the carbon elements in the door reduce the weight and make the car look lighter.

The classic sports car character is present in BMW i8. The center console is aligned towards the driver.The instruments and the digital panel with its two large displays are easy to operate with. The passenger seats are positioned low and the lightweight seats provide comfort and support when turning or cornering rapidly.The iDrive Controller is conveniently located on the center console that optically bisects the vehicle.

The sustainability effect is kept by the lightweight materials that come from recycled plastic bottles and other resource-saving materials. At the same time in the interior design is present the modern sportiness and premium character, it is reflected in all three interior designs(that will be revealed in the next article).

The driver of the BMW i8 are able to create their individual mood lightening with the special equipment option of ambient lightening in the interior of their vehicle. The lightening offered by the BMW Group is designed in LED technology, and it emphasizes the luxury ambiance. It can alternate between Efficient Dynamics Blue,Amber and White. The light extends from the contour lines of the doors, the instrument panel and steering wheel to the foot well and creates an comfortable and a little fancy ambiance in the interior of the car.




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