Is a standard charger enough for a BMW i3?


These days I have been looking through my news feed about BMW i cars and found a review and a detailed essay about the car and it’s options. My attention was captured by the thing with charging, I have always thought of charging of a BMW i3 and this charging process. The electric car-lovers know that BMW company sells an Wallbox but some people say it is very expensive, about 1650 euro. Of course it charges the car 6 hours. There is even a more powerful charger : Wallbox Pure, it charges the car 80% less than 3 hours with 32 ampere. But it comes with a text :“Depending on the available electrical supply at the installation site, a maximum charging power of 7.4 kW can be reached. If the grid is optimally developed, the BMW i3 can be charged up to 80 % of the maximum capacity in under 3 hours”. So some people owning the car think the company can take money every year for this device.

The car settings lead the owner the opportunity to set the power to charge the car from the charger. There are 3 options: Maximum, Reduced,Low.

  • Low is charging the car at 5.95 amps (1300 W)
  • Reduced is charging the car at 8.7 amps (1900 W)
  • Maximum is charging at just under 12A.

So a BMW i3 owner is pretty sure he can be without the Wallbox, a standard charger is enough for a town use of the car, but of course the quick chargers are good for long roads and when people go far.home-charging-05.jpg.resource.1375356248877

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