New BMW Cars To Join Soon BMW i Lineup

At Bmwiclub, we are always glad to hear of new BMW models and upgrades to the BMW ‘i’ family. Each forthcoming car from BMW i is highly anticipated and promises new electrifying experiences! Looks like starting from 2017, customers will have more choice than ever. Want to know how long you have to wait for a new i brand model or looking for your current model updates? Check out future BMW i releases, and drop us a line about what you think of the coming developments.

BMW i5 or i6
Now BMW is working on a future i-brand electric car to be released under the Project i20, internally known as iNext. The car to be all-electric and called the i5 or i6. To hit the market in late 2021. All-electric drivetrain of the next generation BMW i model will be paired with most advanced autonomous technology. The upcoming car will have autonomous capabilities of Level 3 or Level 4. Level three automation is when the car is safely autonomous under most driving tasks, within known or limited environments (freeways, for example). Level 4 autonomous driving is when the car automated system can control the driving in all but a few situations (for example, severe weather) and the driver attention is not required when the automatic system is enabled (only when it is safe to do so, of course).

The car is based on evolution of the hybrid aluminum and steel structure joined with recycled carbon fiber currently used in the i3 and the i8. It is reportedly to be a larger version of the BMW i3, and more conventional in exterior design (which is a good idea because current odd design may have been a reason for scaring more traditional auto fans away from buying the i3).

There will be the motor choice ranging from 136 hp to 247 hp, four-wheel drive, and a low center of gravity.
Fully autonomous version is scheduled for 2025.
By the way, BMW will test its self-driving concept cars in Munich in 2017.

BMW i3
As to the current BMW i3, the Bavarian carmaker is allegedly thinking of three construction proposals for this electric model, scheduled for 2022: the current carbon-fiber construction, all-aluminum construction, and the third construction featuring a mix of five or six materials.

In 2017, BMW launches the i3 with a more potent lithium-ion battery. It is the first huge and eagerly anticipated update for the i3 model since 2014. The range will boost from 81 up to 114 miles! The carmaker will continue producing the i3 with smaller battery capacity (60 Ah).

However, the 60-Ah i3 owners can order new 94-Ah pack to end up range anxiety about this electric model.

BMW i8
Next BMW i8 plug-in hybrid is set for the powertrain updates in 2022/2023. The three-cylinder, range-extending ICE will be replaced for three high-revving electric motors producing a total of 750 hp and more powerful batteries delivering a range of 300 miles! Four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, torque vectoring are also included in the i8 updates.

Write in comments which models in bmw i line-up you want to see.

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