Safety concept of BMW i3


The Safety Concept of BMW i3 was developed as a tailor-made for electric vehicles. The high-strength passenger compartment is made of carbon and offers protection from outside influences. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery is positioned in the Drive module . The new driving assistant systems help the driver to make the right decision and in emergency cases help the car stay mobile

Driver Assistance

The new driver assistance systems included in the BMW i3 makes the driving a pleasure and ensures a worry-free parking. With Driving Assistant Plus, the vehicle is able to warn the driver about collisions and to maintain the speed and the distance in city in case of traffic jams. The parking assistance can make the child’s play of parking fully autonomously.


Carbon fiber

The Life module that is the passengers seat of the BMW i3 is made of carbon fiber that ensures safety to the passenger in case of emergency. The carbon fiber is a especially light and high-strength material. Until nowadays, the use of this material in large series production was too difficult, but after 10 years of research, the BMW Group has developed an innovative solution and it produces the carbon fibers and the carbon fiber plates in large series together in a joint venture with the company SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers.

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Lithium-ion high-voltage battery

The manufacturers of the BMW Group have thought of the outside influences that can come over the lithium-ion high-voltage battery, so they placed it in the center of the Drive module of the car. The life and the safety of the battery is ensured by the specially developed heating air conditioning system.

The Battery Guard helps the BMW i3 owner by monitoring the lithium-ion high-voltage battery of the vehicle and sends notifications to the owner if a deviation occurs when charging is in the process or if the vehicles lights are not turned off.



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