Tesla Model S


01-2012-tesla-model-s-fd-1347336745 04-2012-tesla-model-s-fd-1347336752

The premium performance is set by the new, advanced car- Tesla. The Tesla power train delivers not only the unprecedented range, but also the amazing drive experience.

Model s offers the expected agility and responsiveness that can be expected from the best sport car in our time. It has a very low gravity centre and a rigid body structure.

The power train that is in the electric heart of the Tesla car delivers to the owner a thrilling performance. Regarding to the internal combustion engine, with hundreds of moving pieces inside, the electrical power train has only one moving piece: the rotor. That’s why hitting the accelerator is like pressing a switch button, the 60 miles per hour are reached in 5.4 seconds and that is without a drop of gasoline.

Tesla Model s offers a comfortable and exceptional ride in cold weather. It can adjust to the road conditions faster that a gasoline car due to its traction control system and electrical power train, and it can be compared to those all wheel drive cars in snow or ice. The car can be heated from the inside of the house through the mobile app having an iPhone or an Android.

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