The design of the new BMW i3


So today we are speaking of the innovative design of BMW i3. Its sustainable design makes it a perfect urban vehicle. Driven by pure electric power and customized for the sustainable requirements it embodies an intelligent and ecologic form of travelling in the urban environment. The car is a harmonious concept where every piece of it has been optimized for its own, strait purpose. It has a dynamic exterior and a clean interior space.

The concept of the design

Born from the desire to have a new, ecologic, sustainable, clean, homogenous and dynamic car, was created the inspiring, future-orientated BMW i3. BMW i3 has its own identity, with smooth surfaces and precise edges, it is appeared to be a masterpiece created to fit in the environment and to make happy its lucky owners. The new premium mobility leads the car companies to the future design and concept of the upcoming vehicles. Every detail is functional and easy to use, making the perfect combination.


Speaking of exterior design we got a compact but a very nimble vehicle. Viewed from the side, the doors and the windows design create a dynamic form. The smooth silhouette gives an impression of the large space located in the passenger compartment. The short overhangs in the front of the vehicle and rear make the parking of the wonderful car easier in the small spaces. The wheels of 19 inches reduce the rolling resistance. The light visual appearance of the car is obtained by the so-called “black belt” that runs from the food of the car to the rear.

roof bmw i3


The art hidden in the interior design

The generous sense of space given by the creators of the car is hardly hidden. The interior of the car is created from renewable materials like eucalyptus wood. The unique design of the seats includes leather and wool. The leather used is tanned using natural agents like olive oil. The leather is obtained from the cattle of southern Germany. Its own color is maintained using o sophisticated treatment of natural substances.

Another choice of the innovative material is the wool used in seat upholstery. It maintains a good temperature between the body and the seat surface. It heats to the highest temperature and then warms in order to save the energy.

Only 25 percent of plastic is used in the BMW i3, the rest of the car materials are renewable and ecologic clean, maintained in a good form also with the help of nature products.


The atelier interior

The entry-level design- the Atelier interior will catch the owners’ attention by its high-quality materials and attractive contrasts. The I Blue at the base of the seats and in the seams gives the fresh and airy feeling. The matt accents and the black leather covering the wheel with a blue ring give the best opportunity to finish the design of the Atelier interior.


The loft interior

The elegant and balanced style is characteristic to the Loft interior. Its sits are made of leather and climate-regulating materials. A light, warm and very comfortable grey named Carum Grey is the dominant color of the compartment. The light color supports the modern look and makes the atmosphere calm inside the car. The embossing of the seats is a refined touch including the thoughtful placing of the BMW i3 blue accents on the seats. The light-colored floor establishes the visual link between the areas where the passenger and the driver are located, and also ensures a spacious feeling.


The suite interior

The Suite interior is focused on the quality of leather. The control panel and the seats are covered by natural tanned leather. The material used creates a non-slip feeling and appearance. In addition the seams show the hand-crafted character of the surfaces. The exclusive brown color with a warm character is named Dalbergia Brown. The large decorative surface is made of black-limped eucalyptus wood.


The lodge interior

The Lodge interior combines the natural aesthetics with progressive ones. It also embodies the Next Premium concept from BMW i in its purest form. The Casia leather color, establishes a warm atmosphere, while Carum Grey makes the feeling of brightness in the interior. The instrument panel is covered with leather and it is combined with climate-active wool cloth and natural leather on the seats and headrests. An exclusive detail is also the curved wooden surface in the instrument panel.



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